UNIMY ARC Hikes Gasing Hill

UNIMY's Adventurous Recreational Club (ARC) strives to promote healthy living by getting back out into nature and enjoying the great outdoors! Having held activities like camping and such in the past, their most recent activity was a hike at Gasing Hill, PJ!

On the day of the hike, about 20 students gathered at the foot of the hill, ready to have a good time. Students were divided into two teams of varied skill levels, and were provided with a small snack before the hike. Although some were not as experienced as others, they were assisted by the more seasoned hikers. Each team was given a physical map with the highlighted route, and their challenge was to complete the whole hike. However, safety measures were outlined for those who were not able to complete the hike.

The entire hike was 3.5km long with pit stops along the way, and took about two hours to complete. One of the pit stops even had an ice cream vendor! During these pit stops, students took time to bond and get to know each other. Besides the benefit of improved fitness, these students also got a chance to make new friends from different courses and intakes.

The highlight of this hike was the suspension bridge! Eventually, the students overcame the intimidating bridge and descended to the base of the hill. This activity was a fun and healthy one, that succeeded in releasing stress and connecting students from different courses.

If you are a fan of the outdoors and look forward to events like these, you will definitely enjoy being a part of UNIMY ARC. This will also be a great opportunity to connect with nature, participate in more exciting activities, and create lasting memories. Don't worry about skill level, beginners are welcome!

You can visit their Instagram to keep an eye out for upcoming events which will include camping trips, kayaking and more hikes like this one.

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