UNIMY SRC Gives Away Bubur Lambuk for Iftar!

As we celebrate Hari Raya, we remember our friends who practice their daily fast during the month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. As Malaysians, it is not uncommon to observe or partake in iftar, or the breaking of the fast.

UNIMY SRC decided to do something good for the BAC community during this time of fasting–they gave away free bubur lambuk for iftar! In many mosques, bubur lambuk is given away freely during Ramadan. This Muslim tradition embodies the spirit of generosity that is preached by Islam. In bringing this to BAC, the UNIMY SRC aimed to uphold this spirit of goodwill by giving and sharing free bubur lambuk so they could foster that sense of unity among the community.

UNIMY SRC opened their booth at the ground floor, ready to spread the goodwill to the people around them. To spread the word even further, they livestreamed the activity on the UNIMY SRC Instagram account, alerting more students about the activity.

Once classes ended, students made their way downstairs and received the free bubur lambuk, but it didn't end there! UNIMY SRC also gave away their bubur to staff, such as lecturers, cleaners, security guards and gym staff. Overall, they gave away a total of 94 packs of bubur lambuk!

"It was impressive to see their hard work of coming together and making this happen. I appreciate their spirit of generosity and community in giving the bubur to the staff and students," said Arif, a staff member of Monsterfit Gym.

It was definitely a fruitful activity which succeeded in bringing the spirit of generosity to the campus in honour of the Ramadan month.