Unleash Your Inner Advocate: Mastering the Art of Persuasion with Hon. Professor David McLachlan

Welcome to Court!

Have you ever imagined yourself leading the courtroom like Harvey Spectre or making jaw-dropping closing arguments? Well, we just had an amazing event that showcased the strategies of successful advocacy and if you have a strong interest in the law, then this was one event I hope you didn't miss.

The Advocacy Prep Workshop, led by the esteemed Honorable Professor David McLachlan, was an amazing opportunity for up-and-coming law students to get useful insights into the work of legal advocacy. So, what did our eager participants experience from this workshop?

Well, we all learned that advocacy isn't just about knowing the law; it's about knowing how to wield it effectively. Professor David McLachlan, with his wealth of experience and expertise, delved into the secrets of persuasion, the power of rhetoric, and the art of winning hearts and minds.

Lawyers in the Crowd

During the workshop, participants had the unique opportunity to learn firsthand from Professor McLachlan about presenting evidence convincingly and mastering court procedures. Some brave students had the courage to get on stage and participate in simulated examples of advocacy in a criminal trial with Professor McLachlan.

Whether you were a law student aiming to sharpen your advocacy skills or a legal practitioner looking to enhance your courtroom performance, this workshop offered invaluable insights and practical guidance.

The interactive sessions, case studies, and expert recommendations taught the audience how to write engaging arguments, confidently handle legal complexity, and make a lasting impression on jurors and judges alike.

Here's what the participants had to say:

Learnt a lot from Mr. David McLachlan K.C and his experiences. It was a truly memorable insight on how criminals could think and how far ahead we should be to ensure that justice is served.
Thenaesh Maniam
Great session, apart from being informative, it was fun and interactive! Thoroughly had a great time!
Very insightful session! Mr McLachlan was very thorough with his presentation and made it engaging.
Thrisha Samuel

It was an exhilarating session that grabbed the attention of everyone who attended and one that we all look forward to experiencing again, only at Brickfields Asia College!