Unlocking Sensory Experience:

The Photographic and Sonic Exploration for Research or Creative Project

(An IACT Creative Faculty Session)

On Thursday, July 21, 2022, Dr. Zaki Habibi, lecturer at Universitas Islam Indonesia, conducted a session on "Unlocking Sensory Experience: The Photographic and Sonic Exploration for Research or Creative Project" via Microsoft Teams.

The two-hour workshop reflected on deeper sensory experiences through photography and audio-recording.

The session presented sensory properties, such as multi-sensorial – and inter-sensorial – elements of visual and sonic experiences. The possibility of using photographic and audio recording methods in a range of investigation for specific research and creative project were also discussed. 

Several types of methodological approaches incorporated by other scholars; ranging from photo-documentation, photo-elicitation, photovoice, rephotography, soundscape, acoustic ecology, to sonic walk; were shared. 

Interactive activities were also prepared for the participants.

Participants were required to shoot five photographs with a mobile phone or other readily available devices. The five photographs were combined to create a single narrative about the person, the area they reside in, or any other subjects they chose to narrate.

This interesting activity was well received and participants eagerly shared their photographs.

The workshop was a success and students acknowledged that as long as they can integrate the main narrative that they want to present, whether it is a personal component, another person's perspective, or a historical aspect, the possibilities are endless thanks to advancements in technology and photographic techniques.