Unlocking Your Future: UNIMY and BAC Pioneer the Fusion of Law and Tech for Next-Gen Leaders

A New Frontier

UNIMY steps into a thrilling new journey into the future of education with an electrifying Tech Talk: The Future of Legal Services, revolutionising legal education.

PICTURE THIS: an unbeatable blend of legal prowess and cutting-edge technology. Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? Let's dive in!

Meet our Trailblazers!

The Tech Talk was nothing short of spectacular, featuring rockstar speakers who are changing the game in the dynamic world of technology and legal services. Shoutout to Mr. G. Vijay Kumar (Partner, TMT, LHAG), Dr. Jasmine Begum (Regional Director, Microsoft ASEAN), and Mr. Andrew S. Kalish (General Counsel, BAC Education), who brought in all the buzz!

So, let's step in and see what our new journey is going to look like in this new era of modern education!

Sealing the Deal!

The discussions were expertly moderated by the one and only Mr. Thillai Raj T. Ramanathan, CTO of BAC Education. Imagine being part of a conversation that's not just informative but also fun and engaging! Hosting the event with flair was the incredible Ms. Khairunisa Binti Mispa, making sure the excitement never waned.

Hold on tight because the magic is about to happen—the formal signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between UNIMY and BAC. This isn't just a partnership; it's a commitment to redefining education, blending legal expertise with the latest tech trends for an educational experience like no other.

But what does this partnership mean for YOU?

It means that YOU get to be part of an education that's ahead of the curve. Imagine learning law while embracing the latest in technology—a winning combination that will set you apart. Your curriculum will not just be textbooks and lectures; it will also incorporate hands-on, real-world experience that prepares you for the tech-driven future.

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YOUR Innovation, YOUR Growth

At UNIMY and BAC, we're not just following trends; we're setting them. Our collaboration is all about fostering innovation and cultivating a mindset that screams creativity. Get ready to be a pioneer in the legal tech revolution!

So, what's in it for YOU?

As you embark on this thrilling educational journey, remember that you're not just preparing for a job; you're gearing up to be a key player in driving economic growth. The demand for tech-savvy legal professionals is soaring, and with us, you'll leave with more than just effective tools to succeed; you'll also have the connections in the industry to last you a lifetime and become the go-to expert in this dynamic field.

Are you ready to unlock your future? Join us and be part of a revolutionary partnership. Legal education will never be the same again—it's bold, it's tech-savvy, and it's designed just for you. Get ready to lead the way into a future where law and technology converge, creating opportunities that are limitless. Your journey starts here; let's redefine education together!