Valentine's Day with the BAC Performing Arts Club

'Tis the season of love! The month of February is well known to most people as the month of Valentine's. Whether you celebrate the occasion with a romantic partner, friends, or even on your own, love is at the epicenter of people's thoughts during this month.

The BAC Performing Arts Club (also known as BACPAC) organised a fundraiser titled 'The Ways to My Heart' from 28th to 29th February 2024, showcasing four booths featuring different forms of activities.

DIY Flowers and Cards

The first booth was one where students could gather to create their very own flowers made out of pipe cleaner! There were several colour options, allowing customers to customise their flowers as they like.

Committee members assisted in teaching customers how to make the flowers and twist them into their beautiful shape. Customers were also given the chance to write handwritten cards for the recipient of the flower, allowing for a more authentic Valentine's gift!


With a curated playlist from the committee, students were given the chance to sing their hearts out to love songs through the ages! Some songs on the playlist were from Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, JVKE, and Elvis Presley.

This was a good way to help students get over their shyness and stage fright, while releasing stress. The BACPAC committee also took the time to scout for potential candidates for their upcoming band. BAC definitely has lots of hidden talent!

Tarot Reading

Tarot has a reputation as a tool of fortune-telling. Students were given a chance to formulate their question to the cards in a way that allowed them the space to acknowledge what’s happening for them, and sometimes, what they want their outcome to be as well.

Tarot reading in this case was more about exploring oneself and giving advice and explanations on what was going on at the moment.

Truth or Rate Booth

This booth was a play on 'Truth or Dare.' Participants were tasked with spinning the wheel to choose the option of answer a question that reveals a personal detail of their life, or rate a friend from 1-10. It was a fun way for students to get to know their friends and even loosen up based on the questions asked.

Over the course of two days, students were challenged with answering some interesting questions and giving ratings in a fun and unique way.

Students who visited all four booths were presented with a prize, which was a goodie bag of sweets! It was a fun event which gave students a chance to unwind and have some fun after class while also celebrating the season of love.

If you are interested in the BAC Performing Arts Club, you can visit their Instagram to find out more about what they do or register by clicking the button below!