Veritas University College Student Takes on Asia Youth Model United Nations Conference

Siti Nuriyah bt A Kamal Hossain Chowdhury

A bright Veritas University College (VUC) Scholar who took on the Asia Youth International Model United Nations

A Connective Experience

"Eye opening, free and connective"

These are the words used by Siti Nuriyah to describe her experience at the Asia Youth Model United Nations Conference.

Sponsored by Veritas University College, Siti was determined to make good on her opportunity to participate in this conference. Impressed with the diversity of people and minds, Siti gained huge benefits from engaging with such unique people on a diplomatic and political level.

Confidence is Key!

When asked if she was nervous about participating and being around so many people, Siti said:

"I was not nervous at all. I just listened and tried to understand my peers instead of just speaking."

An introvert, Siti credited her experience during her undergraduate studies at Putra International College for helping her overcome it. This, in the end, helped her significantly in her participation in MUN.

Many Responsibilities, Little Time

It wasn't just a period of stepping out of her shell for Siti; it was a time of great challenge. With her juggling of studies and MUN, Siti was put to the test. A test that she was determined to ace.

Siti was simultaneously preparing her master's final project, her position paper and her speech for MUN. However, that didn't stop her.

Learned Lessons, Great Experiences

Going in with the expectations of great experiences and connections, Siti ended up leaving with that and important lessons she will apply in her life. She took steps she usually wouldn't take and learned more about people than she expected to.

She learned how to not be afraid to speak up, interact with genuine intentions, and have fruitful conversations with peers.
Siti said:

"This gave me a chance to study more about Nigeria because honestly speaking, we don't know much about other countries apart from our own, so why not grab the opportunity to know more about the "outside world" right?"

Siti seized the opportunities that were presented to her, even though some were beyond the role given to her. She dared herself to create motions for amendments, and instead of being upset about not winning some things, Siti learned to build on what worked and fix what didn't.

We all can learn from Siti and her accomplishments. Because it's not just about working hard and being determined for success; it's also about having the right mindset when faced with failure.

"I strive for improvements so I can make a change for myself and the world around me." - Siti Nuriyah