Vintage Velvet: Schoolhouse Glamour

A Law Roleplay Event by BAC Law Society &
BAC Performing Arts Club

With many students preparing for their exams, it's crucial that they take some time to rest, de-stress and wind down. This is why BAC Law Society and the BAC Performing Arts Club collaborated to organise the event 'Vintage Velvet: Schoolhouse Glamour.' The aim of this event was not just to de-stress, but to educate students on the history of law in the United Kingdom and to allow students to form connections as well as bond with each other.

The event kicked off into high gear with some opening remarks by the emcees, Shivaani Silvarajah and Joshua Tan, and the organising chairpersons, Claudia Yap and Christ Loo. They welcomed guests, all dressed in the 'American school uniform theme' to the event and encouraged them to have a good time.

The main part of the event was a short play, entitled 'Conquering England 101.' The play detailed the impact of William the Conqueror on the English legal system, and how the Magna Carta affected our modern interpretation of the law. The play was jam-packed with new information to teach students about the history behind what they currently learn, as well as some comedy to keep them entertained!

After the play, the BAC Performing Arts Club stepped out with electrifying debut performances from their newly formed dance crew, BeWild and their newly formed band, BeYond. The performances kept everyone entertained and enamoured, with songs like 'Kitsch' by k-pop group IVE performed by BeWild and 'Yellow' by Coldplay performed by BeYond.

Once the main events ended, students got a chance to mingle and snack on finger food. They bonded, took pictures at the photo booth and de-stressed after a long day of studying for the upcoming exams.

"This event went beyond my expectations! Although there's still room for improvement, I appreciate all the effort that my committee put into making this event work. Also a big thank you to BAC Performing Arts Club’s Band and Dance Crew -- BeYOND & BeWILD. They brought us marvellous performances and brightened the whole event!" said Claudia, the organising chairperson of the event.

If you are interested in joining BAC Law Society or BAC Performing Arts Club, you can visit their Instagram pages or register via BAC Engage below!

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