Visit the Futsal and Badminton Clubs Today

Are you aspiring to be the next Lee Chong Wei? Or the next Mokhtar Dahari? Maybe you just enjoy sports and want an avenue to exercise and get healthy? Well look no further!

BAC's Badminton Club and Futsal Club are here for you!

Ranging from beginner level players to seasoned players, both clubs welcome anyone from any skill level. The members of these clubs welcome the idea of more people joining them, as they love meeting new people.

"My favourite part is that there are a lot of different students here, like from different years, from IACT, from Veritas, and also it’s a great chance for me to make new connections," said Megan Ooi, a new member of the badminton club.

Adam Raqeem also shared his interest in having more people join the futsal club; "I have a team full of course mates too, so by all means, you can try to beat us, but I doubt you can! Don't worry, it's good fun!"

Find out more of what the students had to say below.

BAC Education may be made up of education institutions, but that doesn't mean we only pay attention to that! BAC Education is also interested in developing well-rounded graduates who are academically adept, engage in various hobbies and are physically healthy.

Take a look at more ways BAC aims to develop well-rounded graduates in this video!

As said by Fariq Adib, a long time member of the Badminton Club, "It’s really nice that our university and our college supports us getting together and just unwinding together. It shows that BAC cares about our academics as well as our health."

Besides the Badminton Club and Futsal Club, BAC Education has several other avenues for you to maintain your physical health, such as the Basketball Club, Muay Thai Club and even the MonsterFit Gym!

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