Visit to RTM by DIBF Final Semester Students

A Collaboration with RTM to Analyze the Client Operation and Programming

Beyond the Classroom

On November 1st, 18 IACT students from the Diploma in Broadcasting and Film had an incredible opportunity to explore Malaysia's media industry, Radio Television Malaysia (RTM).

Spearheaded by Mr. Azizul Rahman Mahfudz, an experienced and passionate lecturer from the School of Media Production, this special visit has been meticulously planned to bring valuable insights and industry knowledge from one of Malaysia's largest media organizations.

The main objective is to expose these 18 final-semester students to all the intricate and detailed mechanisms that drive the media and broadcasting industries in Malaysia. Going beyond just the theoretical structure in classrooms, these lucky students also got to learn knowledge about content creation, operating systems, and programming strategies that are adopted by RTM firsthand.

A Day in RTM

The day started off strong, with students getting the chance to experience several immersive moments within the various control rooms within RTM. Even getting the chance to explore the vibrant and dynamic environments of RTM radio stations, such as KlasikFM, Selangor FM, TraxxFM, Minnal FM, and AiFM.

The students gained valuable knowledge about how all these radio stations operate and what it takes to orchestrate them. Witnessing real-time broadcasts earned them much-needed insights into the nuances that involve radio production.

After the radio stations visit, the students were ushered into RTM's cutting-edge facility, 'Kota Media'. There, they were briefed on the latest and greatest developments and facility upgrades, showcasing their efforts in staying at the top in technology.

Insights, Knowledge, and Experience

By constantly engaging with RTM's staff and personnel and taking part in short briefing sessions, the students got a platform for dialogue with these industry professionals to get a deeper understanding of the intricacies surrounding the powerhouse of RTM.

Ideas were exchanged, information was learned, and skills were honed. Overall, this was an extraordinary experience for these students and one that was pivotal in bridging the gap between the theoretical knowledge gained with IACT and the practical knowledge gained by IACT-run events like this.

IACT expresses its sincerest gratitude to RTM for granting such an invaluable experience and opportunity to the students of IACT. Collaborative efforts such as this signify the importance of establishing and cultivating connections between academic institutions and industry professionals.

We at IACT hope to continue such collaborations that will provide students with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of media and broadcasting.