Voice of Hope: Volume 5

Recognising Challenges

The Voice of Hope has returned! This time tackling a challenge that has been plaguing public speakers—stage anxiety.

Organised by students of the IACT, under the UK Degree Transfer Programme (Media And Communication), the podcast featured a special guest: Ms. Joyce Hue, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from ReLife Mental Health Clinic. With her expertise in addressing mental health issues, Ms. Hue guided listeners through an hour-long exploration of stage anxiety and methods to conquer it.

Broadcasted live on the 'MediaMingle' Instagram account, managed under the New Media Studies module, the episode attracted a substantial audience eager to glean insights from Ms. Hue's wisdom. The facilities at IACT's Radio Room were used for this session on 24th May 2024.

An Impactful Session

Ms. Hue's session was packed with practical advice, starting with the recognition that stage anxiety is a common experience and not a personal failing. She emphasised the importance of preparation, suggesting techniques such as deep breathing exercises, visualisation, and positive self-talk to help manage anxiety.

By breaking down the causes of stage fright and offering relatable anecdotes, Ms. Hue made the topic accessible and the solutions attainable.

The live format of the podcast allowed for more intimate and one-on-one interaction, with listeners posing questions and sharing their own experiences of stage anxiety. Each question was handled with grace and empathy before Ms. Hue began to provide tailored advice, reinforcing the notion that overcoming such challenges is a process that varies for each individual.

She even highlighted the role of hypnotherapy in reducing anxiety, explaining how it can reframe negative thoughts and instill a sense of calm and confidence.

Another Successful Episode

After the episode, the feedback received from the audience was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for the practical tips and the supportive atmosphere created during the broadcast. Students from the programme were commended, and rightfully so, for organising an event that not only addressed a significant issue, but also fostered a sense of community and mutual support.

The success of this episode of Voice of Hope showed how important it is for us to have intentional conversations about mental health topics within educational settings.

By providing a platform for experts like Ms. Hue, initiatives such as these not only educate but also empower students to take proactive steps in managing their mental well-being.

As Voice of Hope continues to tackle pressing issues with the help of expert guests, IACT and its students can continue to feel proud about the wonderful platform that they have crafted.

This is a platform that enables important, difficult, and timely conversations about topics that need to be talked about more often. This episode on stage anxiety has set thee bar high, and its future installments are something that we all can look forward to.