Volunteers Answer Call to Leave No Child Behind

You too could make a difference in a child's life

Imagine growing up wanting to learn but having no access to quality education? Imagine being denied opportunities to break free from the cycle of poverty? Imagine having no hope for a brighter future? 

This is the reality for many children across Malaysia. They are left behind solely due to their impoverished positions and backgrounds.  

Quality education is a fundamental human right. No child – poor or rich, minority or majority, abled or disabled – should be denied this right.  

Without a solid grounding in basic subjects taught at schools, how will they form independent thought? How will they reach their fullest potential?  

We have the chance to transform their lives, giving them hope for a future filled with purpose, direction and a decent living wage.  

AsiaHeroes, together with Uplift.my (the official NGO of the BAC Education Group) are amassing an army of volunteers to ensure no child is left behind in this pursuit to deliver quality education. 

On 17th March 2022, the NGO and volunteer platform set up its first kindergarten in Kampung Serigala to teach Orang Asli children. 

Since then, they have executed Phase 2, which is to provide tuition classes to the primary school children of Kampung Serigala. 

Every Saturday, different teams of volunteers visit the children to teach them the basics – ABCs, addition, and subtraction, and some even engage in animated storytelling. From the time this project kicked-off, we have had the support of well-wishers and donors from all walks of life providing these children with drinks and snacks.

One organisation that has partnered with us is Free Food Society (Persatuan Makanan Ehsan), a society that was established by a group of individuals who came together out of concern for the increasing number of people who lost their livelihoods following the Covid-19 pandemic. Free Food Society has generously pledged to provide food for the children of Kampung Serigala for the next six months. Apart from partnering with us for this project, Free Food Society has also supported FreeMakan, another initiative under Uplift.my.

Watching the volunteers interact with the children and immerse themselves in the cause, imparting valuable lessons the young ones will keep with them for years to come, is incredibly heartwarming. 

You can see the light in their eyes, enthusiasm on their faces and hope in their smiles when they attend classes with our volunteers.  

And all this just proves that together, we can change the lives of children in every corner of the country.

Item 1 of 3
Item 1 of 3

As we expand into different locations and regions, we need more hands on deck. There is no way we can achieve this enormous feat without YOUR help. 

As operations in Kg. Serigala fall into a steady routine, we now seek to continue our efforts to ensure that every child gets access to quality education. UPLIFT.my now seeks volunteers for a new venture at Kampung Changkat Bintang, Slim River.

If you want to be part of this transformational cause, please reach out to Ms Parames (+60 16-244 9385) / Mr Kumar (+60 12-603 9321) or visit asiaheroes.org to play your part in ensuring every child can go to bed, dreaming of a brighter future.  

We are stronger together.