What it Takes to Become a Highly Sought-After Media Polymath

Media professionals, industry leaders, parents, and students alike, were gathered to obtain the latest insights from: Mr. Andreas Vogiatzakis, Leadership Learning Coach, Founder and Executive Director of AMVPLUS ACADEMY and AMVPLUS ADVISORY Sdn Bhd; Mr. Brandon Liu, 360 Brand Director, Communications Lecturer, and Co-founder of Asia Brand Venture and The Viwit Ventures; and Mr. Raja Singham, co-founder and Managing Director of the BAC Education Group. On this occasion, our panelists were discussing what it takes to become a modern-day media polymath.

The media conference organised by IACT College, titled “What it takes to be a Highly Sought-After Media Polymath,” was moderated by Ms. Raja Amanda, and discussed the current demands and requirements for survival in the ever-growing field of digital media and communications. The respective speakers shared their own experiences, trials, and tribulations in their personal journeys.

The first speaker of the conference, Mr. Andreas Vogiatzakis, kicked off the session by outlining his international passage through some of the finest media and advertising companies, spanning from New York and Japan, to Taiwan, finally landing here in Malaysia. 

Mr. Andreas divulged his personal secret of how he could thrive quickly in the constantly changing landscape of the media industry, despite the evolving technologies and communication mediums. He lamented the need to lead and develop the necessary skills through heart and passion, focusing on the human aspect, which keeps him grounded and on the pulse.

Success in life is judged by our attitude and ability to make our behavior serve our purpose. The right attitude is built on self-awareness, and that is the true key to success. Self-aware leaders create trust and lead people by leading their heart. Those are the leaders who will withstand any change, adapt to any technological advancement, and succeed in the future. These are the adaptive, agile, and authentic leaders that will build our world tomorrow,” said Mr Andreas Vogiatzakis.

Mr. Brandon Liu continued by exploring his theme of “Shapeshifting to thrive in the Media.” Following Mr. Andreas’ ideal of leading through the heart, Mr. Brandon reiterated this message, referring to the field of media and communications as the most ‘human’ industry. 

Keeping the key tenets of what it means to be human, and by maintaining this as a guiding principle, he has been able to cut through the rise of digitization and social media to communicate effectively and efficiently. Mr. Brandon’s values towards adaptability in the media industry are a vital toolkit for all aspirant media polymaths.

"Being a media polymath doesn't mean you are an expert across channels and platforms. It means you are constantly learning and adapting to new means of engaging with your audience, without forgetting they are only humans who want to be heard and understood - in a large virtual tribe and database kind of perspective," Mr. Brandon Liu explained.

Finally, the BAC Education Group’s very own Mr. Raja Singham tied the media conference together by championing the concept of a true media polymath. Inspired by great thinkers such as Leonardo DaVinci and Benjamin Franklin, Mr. Raja Singham aspires to help others reach the same levels of proficiency in all fields related to digital media and communications. 

On the concept of becoming media polymath, Mr. Raja Singham elaborated I am endlessly fascinated with polymaths, it is this desire of mastery and thirst for knowledge that I hope, can be imparted to all students. In sharing with the attendees IACT College’s efforts to empower students, he covered the varied ways that students can continue to improve and refine their own skills.

The media conference ended with Mr. Raja Singham gifting both Mr. Andreas Vogiatzakis and Mr. Brandon Liu a token of BAC Education Group and IACT College’s appreciation for their willingness to share their years of expertise and knowledge with all those who attended.

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