What Next After
Studying Advertising?

Having built a robust set of skills in the advertising industry, many professionals eventually find themselves contemplating what's next. Whether you’re looking to advance within the field or pivot to something entirely new, the expertise gained from advertising can open doors to a variety of career paths. From marketing and public relations to digital media and brand management, the possibilities are endless for those with a strong foundation in advertising. With the right mindset and determination, transitioning to a new role or industry can be a rewarding and successful endeavor.

Here’s a look at what you can pursue after gaining experience in advertising.

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Brand Management

Transitioning from advertising to brand management is a natural step for many. As a brand manager, you'll use your understanding of market trends and consumer behaviour to manage and grow a brand’s image, products, and services. This role demands a mix of creative marketing strategies and analytical skills to enhance brand equity.

Content Creation and Strategy 

Content is at the heart of effective marketing and advertising. Those with a knack for storytelling and a deep understanding of audience engagement can excel in content strategy and creation. This could involve working for media houses, freelance writing, or even starting your own content-driven start-up.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broader field that encompasses many of the skills honed in advertising, such as SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing. With businesses increasingly shifting their focus online, expertise in digital marketing offers numerous opportunities to lead or innovate within various industries.

Market Research

If data and analytics were your forte in advertising, market research could be a rewarding next step. Market researchers analyse consumer behaviour, gather insights on market trends, and provide data-driven recommendations to businesses. This role is crucial for companies looking to make informed strategic decisions.

Public Relations

Public relations (PR) offers an exciting career trajectory if you are interested in media relations, crisis management, and corporate communication. This field requires a strategic understanding of how to shape public perception and maintain a positive image for brands and organisations.


Many advertising professionals harness their creative and strategic skills to start their own businesses. Whether it’s launching a marketing consultancy, developing a product, or starting a digital agency, the entrepreneurial route allows for applying advertising acumen in new and innovative ways.

Teaching and Academia

If you love sharing knowledge and guiding the next generation, teaching can be a fulfilling option. With your experience, you can teach advertising, marketing, or communications at universities and colleges, or even run workshops and seminars.

User Experience (UX) Design

Advertising professionals, particularly those with a background in digital, can transition into UX design. This field focuses on enhancing user satisfaction with products, making it a good fit for those interested in the interplay between aesthetics, technology, and user behaviour.

Corporate Strategy

Use your strategic planning skills in a corporate strategy role, helping businesses define long-term goals and competitive strategies. This position is ideal for those who enjoy high-level thinking and problem-solving in a business context.

Non-profit and Social Impact Work

Leverage your skills for a cause you're passionate about by moving into the non-profit sector. Advertising skills can be invaluable in campaign management, fundraising, and public awareness initiatives, making a tangible difference in society.

The skills developed in an advertising career—creativity, strategic thinking, communication, and adaptability—are highly transferable and valued across many industries. When considering what’s next, reflect on which aspects of your job you most enjoy and excel at. This introspection can guide you towards a career path that not only utilises your existing skill set but also fulfils your professional and personal aspirations. Whatever your choice, the experience gained in advertising can set the foundation for a successful transition into new, exciting roles.

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