Why It's The Best Time To Study Graphic Design

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There has never been a better time to think about learning graphic design or switching careers and becoming a graphic designer. You will be in demand, too – employers in creative industries (both local and international) seek individuals with the ability to communicate ideas in inspiring and engaging ways.

Studies have shown that creative jobs will continue to increase in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the future only looks brighter.

Still having doubts? Read further and discover 5 important reasons why a career in graphic design could just be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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1. Creativity is not something a machine or robot can do.

Learning something that robots or machines could never do is the best way of future-proofing your career in the years to come. Graphic design requires human intelligence to respond in innovative and engaging ways to current trends in the world. Although technology helps by making things easier, it is unlikely that human-led creative skills possessed by graphic designers can be replaced. The key is to adapt to change and stay relevant.

2. You can fulfill the needs of Gen-Z and the next generation.

Millenials and Gen-Z’ers make up a huge population of the world we live in today. A hugely creative bunch, they enjoy creating new things. Who better to create engaging visual communications catering to their needs? Graphic designers, that’s who.

3. Branding and design matters more than ever in today’s world.

As humans (read: Gen-Z’ers and beyond) become more critical of their surroundings, companies turn to graphic designers to uphold their reputation and win over a tough crowd of people. It is up to graphic designers to find new and engaging ways to do just that!

4. Basic courses on graphic design and the Internet makes it possible for you to learn a new skill and get noticed.

There are many short courses and even online videos you could browse through and pick up the basics of graphic design. One you’ve mastered the skill, you can start your own side hustle, selling fancy postcards! The point is, once you have acquired this new skill you can share your creativity with others (especially in times of despair) and get noticed by doing something that doesn’t feel like a job! From thinking about colour palettes to selecting appealing fonts, you will develop an eye for detail and beauty – that in itself is a beautiful thing!

5. Become your own boss by going freelance.

Learning the ropes as a graphic designer in an advertising agency or commercial organisations will help you prepare to eventually become a freelancer by gaining first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced in a business. It is definitely reassuring to know that you have an alternative path to look forward to as a freelancer.

What an amazing time it is study graphic design and embrace your creative side!