Why Study Education

view of floating open book from stacked books in library

We all have that one teacher that we like or will never forget from school.

Do you remember that one particular teacher from school who made a lasting impression on you and probably sparked your interest in becoming an educator yourself?

Teaching is a noble profession, and with it comes the responsibility and conscious duty to not only impart knowledge to students, but to influence and motivate the generation of tomorrow.

The study of education itself will be a learning process for you, and when you are empowered with the right tools and skills to impart knowledge to another, you play a significant role in their learning process. 
You probably may have heard this saying “Learning is a lifelong process”, and it is only through acquiring the right knowledge through proper education that personalities, perceptions and values are shaped.

When you choose to study the field of education, you must acknowledge the responsibilities that comes with it. 

person wearing silver ring holding brown wooden box

The acquisition of knowledge and skills is not only confined to books and theories, but it helps to build one’s character, through the understanding of different beliefs, cultures, and languages, and as an educator, you will be that very person who will be identifying a student’s strengths, abilities, talents and interests.

There is nothing more emotionally rewarding and fulfilling than being able to help students build confidence and hone their skillsets to help them stay relevant in today’s world.  


As an educator, you will be the person behind the imparting of knowledge.

You will be shaping and inspiring the generation of the future.

If impacting society is what you envision yourself doing, a teaching profession is definitely one you should consider.