WLRC Visits
Shelter Home
for Children

Nine-tenths of education is encouragement.
Anatole France

BAC's Women's Legal Rights Club (WLRC) are on fire with their mission to educate and empower children with knowledge about their legal rights! A lot of effort was put into raising funds to buy necessities for homes and shelters, as well as visiting the children and teens in these homes, and to educate them about their rights as women, and on topics of child abuse and statelessness.

This time, WLRC visited the Shelter Home for Children in Jalan Hujan Emas, Taman OUG. Bringing along some necessities for the home, the first thing WLRC members did was to present the said necessities to the caretaker. They then began breaking the ice with the girls by introducing themselves and prompting them to share some interesting facts about themselves. This led to some meaningful and enlightening conversations between the kids and the team.

Once the girls seemed comfortable, two members of the team began their presentation. The presentation covered two topics, which included the right to education, as well as citizenship and statelessness. The team asked the kids some questions to pique their interest, which succeeded, because the kids proceeded to voice their curiosities.

Once the presentation was over, the games began! The team played two games with the girls - charades and broken telephone. The girls really enjoyed the games, allowing them to let ease a little and get more comfortable with the team. This was then followed by a heart-to-heart session after, where the girls shared their hopes and dreams with the team.

As the day came to an end, the team expressed theoffered their help if the girls ever needed it.

The visit was a beneficial one which allowed for more children to be educated about world issues and empowered to step up when they can.

If you are interested in the work that WLRC is doing, you can join them by visiting their Instagram or register now via BAC Engage!