Write for Rights 2024

Amnesty BAC's flagship event!

Following in the footsteps of their parent organisation, Amnesty Malaysia, Amnesty BAC once again organised their flagship event, Write for Rights!

Write for Rights is a campaign by Amnesty International to bring awareness to different human rights violations around the world, and get the people to take part in fighting for these violations to be rectified. They showcase a few different cases every year, where people get the chance to write letters to the governments or people who have caused or committed these violations. This year, Amnesty BAC showcased the cases of Ana Maria Santos Cruz, Thapelo Mohapi, Maung Sawyeddollah, and Rocky Myers.

Part 1 of this event was a booth held on the ground floor of the campus. At the booth, members of the club stepped out to explain what Write for Rights is all about, and what the students could do. The four cases were showcased, and students not only got a chance to write letters to the perpetrators, but they also got a chance to write letters to the wronged parties, showing their support and sending love.

Part 2 of the event was held three weeks later at BACPAC. Collaborating with Amnesty MMU, together the two clubs held a 'Write for Rights Gala!' Everyone showed up in their best outfits, ready to have a good time while also making a change.

The event kicked off with an opening speech from the Vice President of Amnesty BAC, the President of Amnesty MMU, and the Activism Coordinator of Amnesty International Malaysia, Ms. Qistina Johari. They shared their gratitude to the participants for showing up to do something good for the people involved, as well as their hopes for the event. Ms. Qistina also shared an update regarding a case from last year's Write for Rights campaign, how one of the cases has been overturned because of the immense support from all around the world!

After a quick ice-breaking session, they finally got into the nitty gritty. Representatives from Amnesty BAC and Amnesty MMU stepped up to introduce each case to the audience. For the case of Ana Maria Santos Cruz, the student representative invited Ms. Jernell Tan, Documentation & Monitoring Coordinator of SUARAM to answer some questions regarding police brutality and to give the students a clearer idea of how cases like this happen even in Malaysia.

The final case of the evening, Maung Sawyeddollah's case, was a special one. Besides Ms. Umi Maisarah, Programme Coordinator of Pusat KOMAS sharing about how her organisation handles racism in Malaysia, Mr. Sawyeddollah himself joined in via Zoom to tell his story! He shared about his cause and what he had been through.

After all the cases had been discussed, students and guests alike were given a chance to write letters at booths set up by both Amnesty Clubs, as was the main purpose of the event. Participants also had a chance to engage in some painting. Seeing as Rocky Myers loves to paint, the organising committee drew a mural and allowed the participants to paint it for him to see.

Amnesty BAC and Amnesty MMU did amazing work on this event. With over 400 letters collected from the booth and the gala, it cannot be denied that young people have a heart for change and want to step in to make other people's lives better.

If you are interested in stepping up to help make a change, Amnesty BAC is the place for you! Visit their Instagram to find out more. See you at their next event!