XMAGE & Huawei Pura 70 Launch

A New Era of Photography Collaboration with IACT College

A Campaign to Inspire, Engage and Remember

In May, IACT College ventured into an exciting collaboration with the XMAGE & Huawei Pura 70 launch event. This exclusive invitation set the stage for "The Powerful Moments MY," a competition designed to spotlight emerging talent within Malaysia, and celebrate their stunning visual storytelling as part of the HUAWEI XMAGE Awards 2024.

Starting in May 2024, the campaign encompasses a series of events and activities tailored to engage both professional photographers and the general public. Featuring a series of workshops held at HUAWEI retail shops, these workshops aimed to provide practical, hands-on sessions where participants can hone their skills under the guidance of experienced photographers.

While also teaching attendees how to capture powerful moments using HUAWEI's advanced smartphone camera features, this collaboration aims to ensure that students made the most of the technology, at their fingertips.

person holding black dslr camera

The Creative Spark

The categories within the competition are designed to spark the creativity of each participant, featuring themes such as "Snapshot," "Portrait," "Telephoto Macro," and "Zoom." Participants are encouraged to submit their works through various channels, including the XMAGE website, HUAWEI Community, Facebook, and Instagram.

Each submission must showcase the photographer's ability to evoke emotion and tell a story through their images, leveraging the unique capabilities of HUAWEI smartphones and that they did. Going beyond just celebrating art of photography; this initiative aims to foster community engagement.

And with IACT College's involvement, it was ensured that the campaign would reach a broad range of audiences that not only motivated people to participate, but also motivate them to excel.

A New Landmark

The culmination of this collaboration will be the awards ceremony in August 2024. Bringing together a diverse group of individuals, united by their passion for photography and their desire to capture the essence of Malaysia, the winners will be celebrated both online and offline.

With amazing prizes that include the latest HUAWEI devices and trophies, and grand prizes such as the HUAWEI Pura 70 Ultra, this competition is slowly shaping up to be a landmark event, capturing the essence of Malaysia through the eyes of talented photographers, and is certainly one that we are looking forward to this August.