Your Career Prospects

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Now that you have graduated, you feel confident to take on the world.

Equipped with the right qualification, you now are looking for the best career options.

You are now a qualified teacher. You want to share your passion for knowledge. You want to expand your professional horizons and dive into ground-breaking research.

You are an educator who wants to advocate for better resources and initiatives, and support children with their learning milestones. 

You are now prepared for the career challenges of teaching in the new normal.

With the qualification you hold, you are able to go into a wide range of careers in administration, academia, research, schools, universities, and training centres anywhere in the world.

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Let us look at some of your career possibilities.

The natural pathway one may take is a teaching position in a kindergarten, early childhood education centre or school, that makes you an Early Childhood Educator, or Montessori Teacher.

Perhaps you have been harbouring a dream of operating your own learning centre – you want children to take part in play-based learning, expand their physical abilities, and you want to help them build their confidence. Then, you would make an excellent Principal or Kindergarten Operator.


A teaching qualification is not limited to the careers in the scope of teaching.

You can become a Professional Guidance Counsellor who work in schools or other educational institutions providing academic, personal and career advice to students.

You will examine and assess any potential or skills students may have and communicate this to them to help boost their self-esteem and wellbeing. You will help them be better versions of themselves.

With a higher teaching qualification, you can be a Lecturer or Professor at a higher learning institution. You speak and write clearly so your listeners can understand, and you give sound advice on work-related materials.

Your students respect you for your intelligence and expertise.

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Teaching requires people who have the conviction to nurture young minds and mold them into something great.

Since time immemorial, the profession of teaching has been considered as one of the noblest professions.

Just as Abdul Kalam said,Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber and future of an individual.”

If you have the calling to be one, you can be assured of a fulfilling career.