Your Career Prospects

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Hospitality and tourism are among some of the fastest growing industries in the world, and it not only opens doors to careers in hotels and resorts.

Over time, the landscape of tourism has changed, and supporting this change, were the many job scopes that were created.

From work on cruise ships, sport and leisure operators, restaurants, cafes, bars, theme parks, entertainment, arts and cultural attractions, dedicated events, and much more.

Now that we have walked you through the expectations of this industry, and what entails what can you do with a qualification in hospitality? 

Let us look at some possible careers, other than the conventional options when you hold a qualification in Hospitality.

If meeting people is your passion and you have always found pleasure in curating memorable experiences, you can work your way to becoming a Tour Manager.

What are you expected to do besides rubbing shoulders with artists and personalities? Your core job is to ensure everything runs smoothly.

From arranging travel plans, coordinating with venue management, managing money and media interactions, you will practically be the ‘go-to’ person.


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Are you confident and comfortable in leading a team of talents?

If helping them perform efficiently and effectively to become better versions of themselves along the way is what you see yourself doing, a Training & Development Manager role in this field, encapsulates the above. 

Apart from the above, does organising events give you an adrenalin rush, but somehow pushes you to deliver the absolute best?

Then the role of an Events Coordinator or Events Manager will suit you best.

Your keen eye for detail and strive for perfection will be what sets you above the rest.

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Is good food what you are drawn to at events?

Do you always see yourself producing ideas for perfect dining experiences?

A Director of Food & Beverage is who you are aiming to become.

And finally, if helping people see the world differently is how you want them to experience travel and tour, be ready to take on the role of Destination Development or Tour Specialist.


Above are just a few career options you can look into when considering a qualification in hospitality, but the possibilities are endless. 
When you discover your passion, you will be driven. And we at Reliance College will help you achieve your goals.