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After school, you pursued a Pre-U programme, and now that you have completed that preparatory course, you are at a crossroads.

Equipped with a Pre-U qualification, here are some areas you can explore depending on which pre-university pathway you have decided upon - Law, Business, Media Communications, Technology & Innovation, Hospitality & Tourism, Education and Psychology.

The A-Levels, Certificate or Foundation programmes are preparatory courses which will help ease your transition into a Degree programme.

Covering multiple areas, enrolling in any of these courses will help you understand the theoretical aspects of your field of choice. This will help you plot out your options for the future.

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Whereas, a Diploma gives you the opportunity to understand the skills needes while allowing you to put them into practice while working. 

Practical experiences play a major role in forming your understanding of an area, which in turn, will also influence your decisions for the future.

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Of course, those aren't your only options. Regardless of which area you have chosen to study (according to field of choice), with your Pre-U qualification, you can decide to:

- Apply for your first job or look for an internship. 

- Further your studies with a degree programme

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These options are just some of the many choices you'll have at hand... but the ball is in your court.

You decide where you wish to go from here...