BA (Hons) Film and Screen Studies, University of Northampton

via UK Transfer Degree (Media and Communication)

Here's the BIG Picture

Learning more about the world we live in and the people who live in it with us through can help broaden our perspectives and foster empathy towards others. By exploring different cultures, experiences, and storytelling techniques, we can gain a deeper understanding of the human experience and connect with others on a more meaningful level.

With the BA (Hons) Film and Screen Studies from University of Northampton, you'll explore different cultures, experiences, and storytelling techniques, while gaining a deeper understanding of the human experience. You will also learn to connect with others on a more meaningful level. By studying film and screen studies, you will develop critical thinking skills and analytical abilities that are valuable in a variety of industries. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with peers and industry professionals to create impactful projects.

This programme, offered under IACT’s UK Transfer Degree (Media & Communication) offers a comprehensive curriculum that blends essential theoretical knowledge with practical skills, preparing you for the challenges of the modern world. Taught by a global creative faculty, this programme allows you to spend 2 years at IACT and 1 year in the UK.

With this Course, You Will:

  • Gain the opportunity to explore exciting interactive seminars, discussion based workshops and free screenings at the local cinema, the Northampton Film House
  • Study modules that combine world class staff expertise with a contemporary focused and media industry informed curriculum
  • Learn about processes such as scriptwriting, media curation and exhibition, film festivals and conventions.

    Why Choose University of Northampton?

    Known as the changemaker university, the University of Northampton is one of the youngest universities in the UK but they are already leading the way in adding value to society, which we call social impact. Having won multiple awards for their work in this area, among others, what matters the most is ensuring that their students and graduates have the opportunity to make their mark on the world too.  

    How Do I Get In?

    • IACT College Foundation in Media Studies –minimum CGPA 2.0;
    • IACT Diplomas – minimum CGPA 2.0 
    • A-Level – minimum of grade D in 2 subjects 
    • STPM – minimum of grade C in 2 subjects and an average CGPA of 2.0, OR 
    • UEC – minimum of grade B in 5 subjects 
    • SAM, AUSMAT or CPU - 5 subjects with a minimum score of 50%, OR 
    • Matriculation Foundation – minimum CGPA of 2.0
    • Other qualifications recognized by the Ministry of Education Malaysia

    English Language Proficiency

    • SPM 1119 (GCE-O Level) – C6 
    • IGCSE English – Minimum Grade C 
    • IELTS – Band 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 for each component
    • Other approved English tests 


    Year 1

    - Computer Graphics 
    - Media and Cultural Studies 
    - Media Ethics 
    - Media History 
    - New Media Studies 
    - Photography 
    - Print Journalism 
    - Public Relations Practices 
    - Research Methods 
    - Writing for the Media 

    Year 2

    - Advertising and Marketing Communications 
    - Communication in the Globalised World 
    - Creative Communication 
    - Film Fundamentals 
    - Online Marketing 
    - Popular Culture 

    Year 3

    As per the subjects offered by the university in UK/Australia

    Elective Modules*

    Choose 1 Track

    Track 1: Public Relations
    - Corporate Communication 
    - PR Campaign and Strategies 

    Track 2: Journalism
    - Convergent Journalism 
    - Publication Production 

    Track 3: Digital Video Production
    - Scriptwriting 
    - Video Production 

    Track 4: Advertising and Marketing 
    - Advertising Campaign Management 
    - Cross Cultural Studies for Marketing and Advertising 

    Track 5: Digital Marketing
    - SEM and SEO 
    - Digital Content Marketing 

    *Subject to availability 

    MPU Modules

    - Appreciation of Ethics and Civilisation (Malaysian students) / Malay Communication 2 (International students) 
    - Philosophy and Current Issues 
    - National Language A / Academic Writing 
    - Malaysian Constitution and Society
    - Serving our Society (S.O.S) 

    Tuition Fees:

    Year 1:

    Year 2:

    Year 3:
    As per partner university

    International Students:

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