Gamer's Guild: Streaming 101 Workshop

Ever wondered what it would be like to share your hobby or passion via the internet?

Ever wondered how to earn money by streaming on Twitch?

Last month, Skills Club covered the topic of profiting from your hobbies.

Along the same topic, Gamer’s Guild recently organised a streaming workshop on 22nd June 2022. This workshop featured three well-known local Twitch streamers - Voonky, Steven Bones and Shykuroboo.

Voonky and Shykuroboo are Twitch partners, while Steven Bones is a comedian and radio host turned Twitch streamer and affiliate. They have all been streaming since the start of the pandemic, and have amassed a decent following since then.

The event started off with a trivia session about games, by host Johan Nordin. Members of the audience had fun shouting out the wrong answers and having the emcee correcting them. From there, the three guests took to the stage along with moderator, Christopher Chuah, who commenced the workshop.

The workshop ended up taking a calm, albeit comedic pace.

As the guests introduced themselves and their backgrounds, we learned more about how they started streaming and how they reached the point they were at. They then dived into the nitty gritty about streaming. Among the things discussed were, the beginnings of streaming, the ups and downs of streaming, and the technical aspect.

“You don’t need to have a five-figure valued equipment to stream. Depending on what you want to stream, all you need is your phone!” Steven said.

“Unless you’re gaming, you will need a device powerful enough to run the game,” Voonky added.

The streamers also advised the audience to not worry about haters, and to not be afraid to take a firm stand during one’s stream. Steven also mentioned to not be too bothered about the viewership, and that streaming was a passion, regardless of the number of audience.  

Throughout the workshop, participants learned more about streaming. The panelists not only brought in their own experiences, but also encouraged future streamers.

After the workshop, participants interacted with the panelists and asked further questions. This offered participants a chance to get up-close and personal with the panelists, and many even took pictures with them.

While the audience interacted with the streamers, light refreshments from Tender Hearts were served, courtesy of the Gamer's Guild.  

This workshop helped those who are interested in becoming streamers gain more knowledge about the world of streaming, and better understand how and where they needed to begin. Having experienced streamers to take part in the workshop was both exciting and interesting for the students. And being able to interact with these streamers outside of their stream, was an experience will truly stay close to heart.