LLB (Hons),
Oxford Brookes University

via UK Transfer Degree (Law)

Here's the BIG Picture

Are you interested in exploring some of the most pressing legal issues facing today’s global societies? Then the Bachelor of Laws degree is perfect for you. You’ll study in a dynamic and inclusive environment, taught by leading legal experts, and you’ll build sound legal skills that will prepare you for your future career. This twenty-first century LLB (Hons) degree not only covers foundational legal subjects but also offers you the flexibility to customize your degree based on your interests. With a diverse range of optional modules available, you can delve into contemporary and specialist areas of law that align with your career goals and passions. 

The BAC UKT Law programme ensures that you acquire the essential legal knowledge and skills while allowing you to tailor your degree according to your own interests, choosing from a wide range of optional modules covering contemporary and specialist areas of law. 

Fully accredited by MQA and recognized by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board of Malaysia (LPQB), you can directly progress to the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) in Malaysia or the Bar Professional Course (BPC) in the UK. 

This course also gives you the option of completing a 1+2 (1 year at BAC and 2 years at Oxford Brookes University) or 2+1 (2 years at BAC and 1 year at Oxford Brookes University).

With this Course, You Will:

  • Develop the ability to identify and understand key concepts in substantive law, legal theory, and procedure in domestic and international law contexts. 
  • Apply knowledge and critical thinking skills to perform legal analysis, reasoning and problem solving competently. 
  • Develop vital communication skills including effective listening and critical reading, objective and persuasive writing, advocacy, as well as the ability to conduct in-depth research. 

Why choose Oxford Brookes University?

The QS World University Rankings put Oxford Brookes in the world’s top universities for the subject of Law. For four consecutive years, Oxford Brookes has been the UK’s top university in the QS Top 50 Under 50 World University Rankings - it remains the only UK institution to make the list. Oxford Brookes is also the only law school to win the ESU-Essex Court Chambers National Mooting Competition four times since 2012.

How Do I Get In?

  • 5 Credits for SPM (including English), and
  • Foundation in Law, BAC, or
  • 2 A-Level Passes / 2 STPM Principals or its equivalent, or
  • 5 B’s in UEC or equivalent, or
  • A recognised Diploma or Degree

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Year 1

- Common Law Reasoning & Institutions  
- Public Law   
- Elements of the Law of Contract   
- Criminal Law   
- Malaysian Legal System   
- Malaysian Constitutional Law  

Year 2

- Law of Tort 
- Land Law
- Law of Evidence
- Company Law
- Family Law
- Legal Technology 
- Business for Lawyers

* Or as per subjects offered at the university in the UK (for 1+2 years option)

Year 3

- As per subjects offered at the university in the UK

Tuition Fees

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