Master of Arts in Law (ODL)

Veritas University College



Malaysian Legal System  

This module provides you with an overall understanding of central institutions within the Malaysian Legal System. It also demonstrates an appreciation and understanding of the Malaysian Federal Constitution through the study and historical context behind it, with significant references to case laws and relevant legislations. 

Master Project  

You will further develop your research skills, pertaining to the choice of a socially and scientifically relevant research subject, the systematic collection and analysis of relevant literature on this subject, and the formulation of a research question. You will also develop an understanding of interdisciplinary theoretical approaches and knowledge of existing and possible social interventions. 

Research Methodology  

This module discusses the process of knowledge creation with an emphasis on the production of scientific knowledge. Important building blocks in this process are frames of reference, scientific ideals, problem formulation, scientific approaches and methods for data collection and analysis.


  • Local Graduates Select 7 Elective Courses   
  • Foreign Graduates Select 6 Elective Courses   

Lawyer’s Skills  

This module is about developing your professional skills, which are not only fundamental to developing a career in legal practice but are transferable to other professional environments and work situations. It also provides you with practical tools for handling the pressures of legal practice consistently with your ethical and professional responsibilities.  

Civil Litigation Practice (Malaysia) 

This module aims to advance your foundational knowledge towards specialised and integrated understandings of civil litigation practice. 

Property Law Practice (Malaysia)  

This module covers the fundamental theories and practices in Malaysian Property Law Practice in areas such as dealings, transfers, leases and tenancies. 

Criminal Law Practice 

On satisfactory completion of this subject, you will understand fundamental theories and practices in criminal law practice and how to apply this knowledge in professional practice. This module also provides the foundations to develop reflective approaches to objective and subjective analyses of individual and social dimensions of applied law and professional practice in criminal law practice within a range of contexts 

Personal Injury and Torts Practice  

This practice-based module advances your foundational knowledge towards specialised and integrated understandings about personal injury and torts practice. Malaysian personal injury and torts law is based on English common law, which has been applied and developed since Merdeka (Malaysia's Independence), in various forms and at various times, to the 13 states and the federal territories that constitute Malaysia.  

Banking and Finance Practice  

The purpose of this practice-based module is to advance your knowledge towards specialised and integrated understandings about Banking and Finance Practice (Malaysia). 

Advocacy (Malaysia)  

This practice-based module equips you with the ability to persuasively put forward your client’s position, whether in or outside the courtroom. This module also examines the ethical rules relating to advocacy, general principles of good advocacy, and trial advocacy. 


This module covers a wide spectrum of the areas in arbitration law such as its proceedings, claims, interim measures and awards. 

Mergers and Acquisition Practice  

This practice-based module advances your knowledge towards specialised and integrated understandings about mergers and acquisitions (M&A) practice in Malaysia. It will examine good operating practices and consider key issues when planning and executing M&A transactions. 

Intellectual Property Practice  

This practice-based module studies the intellectual property frameworks in the Malaysian contexts, critically analyse the advanced issues of copyright practice in Malaysia, and advise for clients on advanced issues in trade mark and industrial designs practice in Malaysia. It also examines advanced issues in patent practice in the Malaysian contexts and protection of intellectual property rights, enforcement and disputes in Malaysia. 

Islamic Banking and Finance Practice  

This module examines the recent turbulence in the global financial markets which has drawn attention to an alternative system of financial intermediation: Islamic banking and finance. Although the concept of Islamic finance can be traced back about 1,400 years, its recent history can be dated to the 1970s when Islamic banks in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were launched. In the 1990s, Bahrain and Malaysia emerged as centres of excellence.