BAC Women's Legal Rights Club Visits Home of Peace

Last week, BAC Women's Legal Rights Club held a bake sale to raise money for Home of Peace Kuala Lumpur. This endeavour raised over RM800, and portion of funds raised were used to buy necessities and treats for the children of the home.

You can read all about it here!

To complete this mission, a visit was made to the home! 16 members of the club made their way to Home of Peace KL in the morning, ready to spend time with the children.

The visit started with a short round of introductions. Although this marks WLRC's second visit to Home of Peace KL, there were several new faces among the children and the club members.

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Once everyone was acquainted, club members got into the main event of the visit.

Although WLRC usually speaks to the girls about their rights as women, this is a topic that they had covered with the girls from Home of Peace in the past. Today, they decided to do something different by educating the girls on the topic of statelessness. This topic was intended to bring awareness to the children about this issue and what they can do as citizens.

Throughout the presentation, club members asked the girls questions about their knowledge of statelessness and encouraged them to ask questions. It was definitely a fruitful session for the girls, and they got to learn something new. It is WLRC's hope that the girls are empowered to help others who deal with issues such as thiswhen they are older.

After the session on statelessness, club members played a few games with the girls, with them even being introduced to some new icebreaking games by the children! They had fun and bonded until it was time for club members to leave.

By engaging with the children and witnessing their enthusiasm, WLRC members were reminded of the importance of their mission. They were inspired to further expand their efforts in reaching out to more communities and spreading awareness about gender equality and empowerment.

If you are interested in BAC's Women's Legal Rights Club, you can visit their Instagram page to keep up with their planned activities. See you at their next event!