Foundation in Media Studies

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Here's the BIG Picture

Media and communications are embedded within all our interactions. They are utilised for storytelling, narratives, news reports, public relations and everything in between. Do you want to leave your mark in this central industry? Take the first step by joining our Foundation in Media Studies.

This programme provides an introduction to mass communication subjects such as journalism, public relations, advertising, graphic design, and broadcasting.

The Foundation in Media Studies is your pathway to Year 1 entry into prestigious universities across UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Korea.

With this Course, You Will:

  • Learn practical skills to equip you for an exciting career in the media, marketing or related fields.
  • Gain transferable skills which are valued by employers and open up a range of wider career opportunities.
  • Gain fundamental written and oral communication skills required to study media-based subjects at undergraduate level.
  • Be able to progress onto the UK Transfer Degree Programme (Mass Communications) and other 3+0 degrees offered by the BAC Education Group.

Why choose IACT College?

A pioneer in creative communications education as early as the 1970, IACT has since established itself as the nations premier creative communication’s specialist. We do not just teach creativity, we actively inspire it as a trusted educator in the creative industry- with our students receiving over 90 prestigious industry awards over the past 5 years. We are also the only college in Malaysia to receive accreditation from the International Advertising Association in New York, and continue to focus on providing industry ready education with programmes designed and developed to train our students for industry expectations.

How Do I Get In?

  • 5 Credits in SPM, IGCSE, or equivalent; OR
  • Minimum 3 B’s in UEC; OR
  • Pass in Certificate in Communication Studies from IACT College

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Semester 1

English 1

You will be introduced to the English language in terms of creative writing, tone and literary analysis, along with the means and methods to write and communicate effectively. 

Media & Communication

You will explore critical and theoretical approaches to understanding contemporary media, particularly mass media such as television, radio and internet streaming media.

Presentation Skills

This module prepares you for diploma- or degree-level presentations and pitches by exploring the different methods of public speaking. It also gives you exposure to the skills needed in articulating your thoughts. 

Research Methods

This module introduces you to the importance of research in today’s world, and helps you think critically about society.

Semester 2


This module highlights basic advertising concepts, along with the role advertisers, advertising agencies, the media and related professional bodies play within the industry. 

Media Theory and Analysis

You will be exposed to the critical and theoretical approaches to understanding contemporary media, particularly mass media such as television, radio and internet streaming media.  

Introduction to Academic Writing

You will explore several means and methods to effectively write academic essays in English. You will also develop the required critical thinking skills needed in writing academically.


This module will expose you to the discipline of sociology, its theories and its research methods. It discusses the relationships between individual cultures and society, and how social and cultural forces influence personal experiences and group behaviours. 

Semester 3

Design Fundamentals

This introductory module introduces you to the creative process and explores the fundamental theories with regards to design. You will learn how to conceptualise your ideas and produce artwork. 

Introduction to Public Relations

This module will deepen your understanding of public relations theories and practices, and enhance your understanding of its importance and place in problem solving and as a management function. 

Desktop Publishing

You will be introduced to some of the most basic design software options used today. Practical and theoretical assignments will be given to add nuance to your depth of knowledge.

Introduction to Journalism

You will learn how journalism differs significantly from other forms of media in terms of daily processes and practices, regulation, as well as writing techniques.

Introduction to Radio and Television Broadcasting

This introductory module introduces the creative process and fundamental theories in regards to broadcast media, specifically, broadcasting via the mediums of television and radio. 

Tuition Fees

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