WLRC Visits Victory of Youth and Children Home

The Women's Legal Right's Club has spared no effort in educating children and young minds about the rights they have as women. One of their most regular endeavours are visits to children's homes to teach children in these homes about their rights, and who they can turn to in difficult situations.

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This time, fresh off after a visit to another home just 10 days earlier, WLRC set out for the Victory of Youth and Children Home. The difference between this visit and the previous ones? The children in this home were all boys! Despite this fact, there is still much that can be taught.

Before the main presentation, the committee members of WLRC started off by handing over the essentials that they had bought for the shelter. They then began an ice-breaking session, aiming to break through the reserved nature of the boys. They introduced themselves and then played a round of charades, which successfully made the boys feel more comfortable!

Once that was done, they moved on to the nitty-gritty. Their presentation to the boys was about domestic violence and child abuse. Recognising the boys' preference for Mandarin, they delivered the presentation in that language. The boys were very interested in the topic, asking a multitude of questions during the presentation.

Following the presentation, the WLRC committee sat down with the boys for a heart-to-heart conversation. Having broken the ice through games and questions during the presentation, the boys were comfortable to share their interests and ambitions. They asked questions about the experiences of the committee as law students, and this gave the committee a chance to bond with the boys and form a deeper connection with them.

The visit was a fruitful one, and although there are many more children out there who have yet to be educated, WLRC is taking small steps to gradually bring the necessary knowledge and empowerment out into the world.

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